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Air Hostess Interview


If you are dreaming of becoming an Air Hostess, explore the various countries in the world, get a high salary package and face challenges, then you have to squeeze through huge competition. To get success in the interview you need to prepare a lot.

Your grooming is at the apex the selectors check about you. Your complete formal looks are preferred. Pants/trousers are not permissible for girls in any airline interview. Black, Blue or grey knee-length well-fitted skirt with white three-quarter sleeves shirt be there in the interview. Matching the skirt a blazer should be there with black or beige stockings. 2–3 inch only black heels are permissible. Gold or silver formal wristwatch and white pearl studs are allowed. The candidate with long /medium hairs must be with a well-combed bun. Proper makeup should be there. Nail paints must be light shades, most preferred pearl white. If the interview is for air India or Indian airlines, then saree is recommended.

Here are some important tips which should be followed before going for an interview

  1. Job Description which is posted by the employer should be minutely studied.
  2. Your resume should be well prepared, professional and checked before leaving for an interview. Keep in mind to have an extra copy of the resume.
  3. You should have a formal dressing sense which shows the maturity and self-confidence.
  4. Go through the sample questions that are asked usually in the interview.
  5. You should be well aware of the Airline you are going to join.
  6. Before taking interview practice to answer the interview questions. It enhances your confidence.
  7. On the day of the interview, wear smart but formal and professional attire. Be well- groomed.
  8. Keep all the required documents in a folder and arrange them in a systematic way.
  9. While in the interview room you must display your confidence, energy, honesty, and positivity while answering the questions.

Some of the extra points you should keep in mind are:-

  1. Self-grooming.
  2. Make-up.
  3. Communication Skills
  4. Voice Modulation
  5. Appearance and Postures.
  6. Body Language
  7. Customer Handling.
  8. Active Listening.


  1. Complaint Handling.
  2. Knowledge of other Airlines may be International and Domestic.

Some of the commonly asked questions asked during an interview

1.What do you know about our airline? …

  1. Why do you opt to work for our airline? …
  2. Where do you find yourself in the next five years? …
  3. What are your strengths? …

5.How you prefer working alone or as part of a team? …

  1. Have you ever manage a colleague who wasn’t pulling his weight?


  1. What Do You Know About Our Airline?

ANSWER: – You must focus on

  1. When it began operations?
  2. How many of the aircraft it owns.
  3. Their routes and what are their plans for the future?


Try to tell all the positive things you have learned about them either through website, news and

magazine articles. You are supposed to show off your knowledge of the airline.


  1. Why do you wish to work for our Airline?

Discuss the opportunities for growth with the airline. Mention something you heard in the news about the airline.

  1. How long do you expect to work for us if hired?

Perfect time to show your loyalty to an employer. Mention your willingness to grow, learn and improve yourself. Remember, never admit to only applying for this job to acquire enough experience.

  1. What are your strengths?

Mention that you are

  1. Excellent communicator.
  2. Eager to help others.
  3. A fast learner requiring little supervision
  4. Outgoing.
  5. Teamwork skills.
  6. Attention to detail and critical thinking.

The main concern is to mention the qualities that best describe you in order to provide an effective and personalized response.

  1. How will you handle being away from family and friends?

One has to adjust to the demands of the job. You can admit that it will be difficult. One has to coop with the circumstances for growth. To learn new things, experience new cultures & explore new places will be fascinating.

  1. Are you seeking openings in other Airlines?

You can mention that though you have applied in other airlines also, yet you believe that their airline will offer the best opportunity for career growth.

  1. What are two of the most important skills of an Air Hostess?
  2. Air hostesses must be customer-oriented. They remain in consistent contact with passengers.
  3. Air hostess must have patience. She/he often has to go through situations that test one’s patience.
  4. What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of working as an Air Hostess?
  5. Visiting the world and seeing & interacting with new people every day is a wonderful experience.
  6. It is tough staying away from home for a long period.
  7. Why should we hire you?

 Previously, I was working as a ticket attendant as ground staff. It stuffed me with great experience in customer services in an airport environment. After taking training from renowned air-line, I have also worked as an air hostess with the best airlines. Because I have vast experience in an airline. I have worked both as part of the ground staff and an air hostess. Therefore, my candidature is very strong.

  1. Tell me about your expertise as an Air Hostess.?

As it is a tier-one job, I understand that the role of an Air hostess is very important. , I can perform all in the most graceful way, from greeting customers to showing them their tables, presenting menus and taking orders. I am well aware of when I am to ask a specific question and when to wait & watch so that I am not interrupting a customers’ own conversation.

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