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Air Hostess Intervie

If you are dreaming of becoming an Air Hostess, explore the various countries in the world, get a high salary package and face challenges, then you have to squeeze through huge competition. To get success in the interview you need to prepare a lot. Your grooming is at the apex the selectors check about you. […]

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Air hostess

The growing Aviation Industry across the world provides an option for the young girls to fulfill their dream by opting for a profession of “Air Hostess”. The air hostess is the primary career line in the industry. Air Hostess career falls under the “Aviation and Hospitality Management”. The Air Hostess profession is also known as […]

Flight Attendants: Jobs, Career, Salary and Education

Flight Attendant

The major concern of the flight attendant previously addressed as stewardesses and stewards is passenger safety and flight deck’s security. To make passengers comfortable in the air is also the responsibility of the flight attendant. In emergencies maintaining safety, keeping passengers calm. To serve snacks, beverages, meals, etc. is the additional duty of the flight […]

How long does it take to make a certified make-up artist?

How long does it take to make a certified make-up artist?

How long does it take to make a certified make-up artist? The demand for professional make-up artist increasing day by day as this industry is booming day today. If you are aspiring and passionate to learn make-up, if latest make-up trends enthrall and excite you, if you love to offer flawless looks to brides, models, […]

Career in travel and tourism after graduation

Career in travel and tourism after graduation?

A career in Travel and Tourism If you possess a fantastic personality, awesome communication competencies and love for touring – a profession in journey & tourism can be a great wager for you. This profession is all about making journeying a heartening and quality experience. The latest trends in transportation and communication, traveling, has completely […]

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The Flight Attendant Advantage: Surprising Work Benefits

There are multiple benefits of being a cabin crew like traveling and visiting many countries in addition to meeting different cultured people, enjoying flexible hours, etc. Air stewardess undergoes strict grooming protocol. It is a life approximately at 30,000 feet high in the air Here below we can enlist as Flexible Work Schedules Transporting people […]

Best Air Hostess Training in Delhi

Training for catwalk in Air

Flying Monarch pays special attention to AVIATION training as well as CATWALK in air, focussing on effective body language, English language, hygiene, stress management & body fitness. Training is directly placed in the aviation industry. Last year FLYING MONARCH launched six month program for its cabin crew which stood at an apex in terms of […]

Best Air Hostess Training in Delhi

Are Air Hostess Training Institute are Worth Money ?

Future of an Airhostess is very bright. Most of the Airline offices are in search of trained and experiencedAirhostess. Privatization and foreign collaboration have increased the demand for Airhostess. Airhostesscan easily find employment with private owned domestic and international airlines. Frequently we comeacross the ads regarding recruitment of Airhostess in government and private-owned air services […]

Which airline is the best to work with?

  One of the most  common subjects that readers or our followers ask is, “Is this airline better than that? Or, where should I work? Due to the fact that these questions are so important to address, we wanted to write a blog on sharing advice on what airline you should apply to and work […]

5 questions you could be asked at a cabin crew interview

The assessment day is the most difficult part of the whole recruitment process for cabin crew. There is no shortage of competition, and you will almost certainly be put on the spot. Though challenging, coming out of this process with the job of your dreams is the expectation – so it’s worth putting in the […]