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Career in travel and tourism after graduation?


A career in Travel and Tourism

If you possess a fantastic personality, awesome communication competencies and love for touring – a profession in journey & tourism can be a great wager for you. This profession is all about making journeying a heartening and quality experience.

The latest trends in transportation and communication, traveling, has completely changed the shape of the profession. Now the profession has become multifaceted and consists of many career opportunities in it.

Eligibility Criteria


 There are graduate level, postgraduate level, diploma and certification guides that are granted in this bright future industry. 10+2 is the eligibility for certification courses. The eligibility for admission to Travel and Tourism courses at the undergraduate level is prescribed as 10+2 pass.  Eligibility at the postgraduate level is to pass the entrance test in addition to a basic qualification.

 The aspirant has to undergo team dialogue and interviews after passing the entrance test. Proficiency in at least one overseas language adds feather to the candidate cap.  If the candidate is equipped with a diploma in public relations or advertising, it will facilitate his entry and progress in the industry.

Personal characteristics:

 An outgoing, pleasant personality; ability to manage people and verbal fluency are the main attributes required to be beneficial in the field. Thorough knowledge of traveling and traveler destinations, business strategies and social etiquettes are expected to the traits of the aspirant in addition to other characteristics.

 Job Prospects

The public sector, as well as the non-public sector, remain always ready to welcome the candidate after completion of their course. Directorates and department of tourism appoint the state guides in the public sector whereas in non-public sector travel agencies, hotels, airlines, transport and the cargo companies always remain with their extended hands to welcome the candidate for employment.

The extra benefit of the profession is that the candidates may establish their own enterprise after some years of experience in the field. It is the latest venture and has bright chances of flourishing.

Career Options

Travel Agencies:

 Resort ratings, the cheapest and the quickest mode of transport, records about the destinations, visas, overseas change, etc. are managed by the agencies to facilitate tourism. The customers are granted the facility to book online the suitable resorts, hotels, lodges, transport to take them from one place to another. All comforts of the tourist are kept in mind and managed to save them from any inconvenience. Also, sometimes packages are offered at very affordable prices by the agencies.

Tourism Department:

Tour planning reservations, sales, and advertising are organized by the expert team of Travel and tourism professionals. Staff Selection Commission selects data assistant, information assistant by conducting an exam. The selected candidate is to assist tourists. The department grant facts regarding location and plan tour

 Guides are another category that is recruited by the tourism department. The guide is divided into three categories as regional, national and local.  A guide must have knowledge about history, art, architecture, and different local languages.


 Hotels grant food and lodging services.  Front office, operations, housekeeping, meals and beverages, accounting, management, and public relations of the hotel are managed by a team of professional persons. Lodge administration course is very alluring for aspirants who wish to enter into this field.


Transport is an inseparable part of tourism. These areas follow:-

Road Transport:

Tourist buses, Coaches and vacationer motors used in the tourism profession also provide scope for self-employment. Drivers who are efficient in different languages are the heartthrob of the enterprise. They are always highly in demand. They are granted handsome salaries if they are well aware of the tourist destinations.


Many professional roles as visitors’ assistants, reservation and counter staff, air hostess & flight pursuers, sales and marketing staff are governed by Airlines

Tour Operators:

 Tour operators organize excursions and manage tours. They carry out tours as per the schedule of the tourist. Sights seeing is managed by the tour operators. Tour operators also facilitate the travelers in journey sports activities like river rafting and rock climbing etc.

Holiday Consultants:

   A holiday consultant has developed as an independent agency that makes journey plans, reserve tickets, and all other related facilities are granted to the tourists.


These are the financial institutions thus play an important role in tourism. All financial aids, overseas exchange are carried through the banks. Another alternative role of the bank is aiding in ticket booking for travelers. These days the bank grant a pre-approved loans for tourism which can be repaid in EMIS or the other conventional methods.

  Pay Package The employees get handsome salaries plus different incentives. If the candidate is equipped with an IATA/UFTTA degrees they are given special privileges. An average aspirant can get a salary of Rs. 20.000 to 35,000. 

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