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How long does it take to make a certified make-up artist?


How long does it take to make a certified make-up artist?

The demand for professional make-up artist increasing day by day as this industry is booming day today. If you are aspiring and passionate to learn make-up, if latest make-up trends enthrall and excite you, if you love to offer flawless looks to brides, models, corporates, etc. then Flying Monarch is the only destination too land. We are equipped with a team of expert Make-up Artist who has experience of decades working in the industry.

Make-up artistry has been a thrilling and fulfilling career.  In the training, you have the opportunity to work with top-of-the-line cosmetics. You are to make clients more beautiful.

While you might be dreaming and be excited about becoming a makeup artist. You must be having a number of queries about the training. Among all other queries, the most common query is the duration of the training to become a makeup artist.

This is a part of cosmetology. It is part of the school curriculum also. Certified/ licensed cosmetologist is training for approximately eight months. If you opt part-time the program will be completed in two years.


•NVQ In Makeup Artistry

 An NVQ is a work-based learning qualification. It develops a person’s skills, it makes the aspirant ready for the working environment.

•Makeup Artistry HND.

•It is the rarely opted way of qualifying to become a makeup artist. …

•No Qualifications. Even 10th pass my join the course and may become expert Make-up Artist.

One who aspires for special effects and prosthetics for films, television, theatre or stage dramas, the career as a make-up artist is much suitable for him. Basically it is related to the improvement of appearance. For this the most of the make-up artist has to complete training pertaining to cosmetology or related program. In this training, the candidates are stuffed with the skills they are required to achieve their dreams.

Does flying monarch train make-up artist?

Yes, Flying Monarch institute is the only institute that offers a very technical training program by an expert, diligent and ambitious team.  Make-Up Artistry certificate course offered by Flying Monarch is perfect for those looking to break into the fast-paced, dynamic world of professional Makeup Artistry. We always make pace with the changing techniques in the world of Make- up Artistry and focus on color theory, color analysis, product knowledge, physiognomy (facial shapes and features), sanitation and safety in addition to technical training.

Makeup Artist Courses

In many states only licensed make-up artist is required. For getting a license the candidate has to undergo a test. Specialized courses are needed to pass the test in make-up artistry.


You need to gain professional experience to become a professional cosmetologist. Hard work inconsistently performed will increase the knowledge, efficiency, and capability of the candidate. To establish well in the field may need sufficient time.  One should be very proactive to get recognition in the field and you must avail every opportunity at your disposal. Learning opportunity include

A.Adopt a course to become a master make-up artist.

B.Enrolling in companies that offer cosmetic training.

C.Focussing on new techniques in the field of make-up artists.

D.Techniques are shown in the field on YouTube or related magazines, journals, etc.

These techniques facilitate your certification course. Apply all type techniques available in your day to day life until you get a master’s in the course.

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