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The Flight Attendant Advantage: Surprising Work Benefits


There are multiple benefits of being a cabin crew like traveling and visiting many countries in addition to meeting different cultured people, enjoying flexible hours, etc. Air stewardess undergoes strict grooming protocol. It is a life approximately at 30,000 feet high in the air

Here below we can enlist as

Flexible Work Schedules

Transporting people is a very responsible and crucial job. It is only possible if the crew is not overburdened with work which causes tiredness. Cabin crew is always supposed to be with a smiling face and helping hands. A flight attendant is supposed to work from 65-95 hours monthly as per the AFA (Association of Flight Attendant). Hours before and after the flight preparation are never counted in flight attendant’s pay. This can make total hours of your working more than 160 hours including office job hours. The cabin crew is regulated by a set of maximum and minimum hours monthly.  


The flight attendant is to manage the responsibility on their own as most of the airlines don’t have on-board managers. Therefore the flight attendant has to be self- directed. The direction must be within the sphere and guidelines learned during training. This is the best job for people who don’t like to be micromanaged. 

Meeting Interesting People

The flight attendant is a job where one can have the opportunity to meet VIPS personality like Leaders, celebrities, athletes, cricketers, etc. Many other interesting personalities are also encountered   All persons have their own qualities which can be learned from while dealing with them. You may come across some negative people but deal with them is another lesson to be learned.

Meal and Residence

Most of the aviation companies provide meal and house rent allowances to flight attendants. Aviation companies can even provide free residence in the city you reside in. Traveling is a tiresome job but if the strain of food and residence is off your mind, it can be great relaxing.


A flight attendant is not allowed to gain weight during the job. The flight attendant is not allowed to change the uniform size for bigger, once it is issued. IF somehow you put on a few pounds, the airline will give you one month to reduce the weight to normal otherwise the employee will be put on a weight management program.

Travel perks

Cabin crew and flight attendants enjoy the fascinating travel perks in addition to the handsome salary of an average of $35000. In addition, the job consists of huge health and retirement benefits. Dental and even eyes are covered under health insurance. Many airlines also offer profit-sharing program. Some of the big airlines even offer shopping discounts.

In nutshell, the cabin crew or flight attendant enjoy the following facilities

Lucrative salary to start with.

Travel for you and your Family as a perk.

Encountering new people across the world and learning their lifestyles.

Learning different cultures, traditions, etc.

Luxurious Hotels-Domestic/International stay.

Individual development.

Flexible working hours

Grandeur, glamorous and Exciting Lifestyle.

Aviation is a much-coveted, adventurous and fascinating profession which is a dream of the teenagers. It is illegal to be intoxicated while flying on an aircraft therefore, all cabin crew may have to undergo testing for alcohol and drugs. It is necessary for Cabin crew, air hostess and other employees to be booze-free for at least twelve hours before take-off. The job of cabin crew promises a bright and rewarding future along with innumerable opportunities for growth. 

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