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Which airline is the best to work with?



One of the most  common subjects that readers or our followers ask is, “Is this airline better than that? Or, where should I work? Due to the fact that these questions are so important to address, we wanted to write a blog on sharing advice on what airline you should apply to and work for. We’re quite certain that the answer will not be what you expect. The simple, straight forward and short answer to your question is- There is no best airline! Yes, you read that right. We just told you one airline is not better than another. An airline cannot claim the title of “the best” until you evaluate WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU WANT out of experience. Until then, there is no way to determine which airline is better than another. One person can work at the shittiest airline and have the best experience, and another person can have awful time at the same airline. As we said, there Is no “best airline”, but there are places that you would rather work over others, and places you know that you would rather work than others.

So now that we have established, let’s move on to the 5 pointers that will help you determine what the best airline is for you to work for.

Why and what do you want out of being a flight attendant?

Do you have responsibilities back home that demand your attention?

Do you want to work on a small/large crew or small/big planes?

How important is travel during or outside of work to you?

Are you considering flight attendant life as a lifetime career?

Ask yourself these five questions, evaluate them and you will know which airline is the best for you to work with.



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